Gaico is proud to partner with The Guyana Water Inc (GWI) for yet another project.
Today more than ever with a pandemic at hand, everyone deserves access to potable water. This project was a small step towards a big cause. Together we were able to take potable water straight to the homes of the Canal #1 Conservancy’s residents. It all started with the sight of a senior citizen carrying a bucket of water along the conservancy dam. This immediately raised a concern with the Gaico team and a solution emerged.
Thanks to His Excellency Dr Irfan Ali, and Honorable Ministers Collin Croal and Deodat Indar we were able to help develop our community due to their swift response.
Let us all continue to lift up our country and develop our infrastructure and facilities so that the youth of Guyana can have the right resources to grow and learn to their best ability.

24th September, 2020