Strategic Partnership at OTC 2021

Today at OTC 2021 Gaico made another amazing milestone. We signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with two major American
Companies out of Mobil, Alabama; Myer Marine Services and Hargrove EPC. The signing went down with great romp along with our US Ambassador, Sarah Ann-Lynch, minister of foreign affairs Hon. Hugh Todd, Minister Of natural resources Hon. Vickram Bharrat and CEO of GO Invest Dr. Peter Ramsaroop.
The main teams from Gaico, Myer and Hargroves were present also and are looking forward to all the amazing things to come within Guyana’s border.
Gaico is once again extremely proud and excited to be getting into another relationship with two impressive, capable and very respected companies and are looking forward to bringing a new dynamic into Guyana.
Great thanks to the GO Invest team and our dear friend Rosh Khan for bringing us all together a few months ago!