Our Team

Meet Our Team

The GAICO family comprises over 74 trained professionals and about 30 more subcontracted professionals. Together we have been able to execute many high risk projects safely and timely. Scroll down to meet some of our team members.

Komal Singh
Komal SinghChief Executive Officer
Chandrowtie Singh
Chandrowtie SinghCompany Secretary
Khishan Singh
Khishan SinghBusiness Development Director
Chandini Singh
Chandini SinghHealth, Safety and Environment Director
Mukesh Ramlogan
Mukesh RamloganOperations Manager
Parbin Bessondiyar
Parbin BessondiyarMarine Coordinator
Champa Maraj
Champa Maraj Office Manager
Premchand Sookram
Premchand SookramCivil Engineer
Narendra Dewnauth
Narendra DewnauthCivil Engineer
Neshaul Gowkarran
Neshaul GowkarranCivil Engineer
Dhananjai Sattan
Dhananjai SattanCivil Engineer

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