GAICO Construction Inc and the Corena Group announce the signing of a joint venture agreement. Having recognized the growth of the oil and gas industry in Guyana, these companies have established a joint venture partnership to develop and provide oil spill response and waste management services in Guyana.
GAICO’s local experience, knowledge, and in-country capacity coupled with Corena Group’s international expertise will ensure the development of in-country oil spill response and waste management services at a world class standard.
The partnership will enable the following services:
• Provision of oil spill response packages bespoke to client’s requirements
• Oil spill, emergency and HNS response standby services
• Oil spill response accredited training and consultancy services
• Hazardous and non-hazardous waste management services
GAICO Construction Inc is a 100% Guyanese-owned company, led by its CEO, Mr. Komal Singh. GAICO is also a leading private sector organization, celebrating over 25 years of business in Guyana. The organization is dedicated to offering only the highest quality work. GAICO specializes in Civil Works, Marine, Laboratory Testing, Manufacturing, and Oil Spill Response services – currently the only company in Guyana offering Oil Spill Response services.
Corena Group is an independent venture that draws on more than 35 years regional and international experience utilizing it’s extensive network to provide global services for and on behalf of its clients. Corena is a leading emergency response, oil spill, HNS and hazardous waste service provider established in over 18 countries with ongoing projects and contracts in many more.
Corena Group is headquartered in Finland and draws on a global network of expert and experienced service providers who use the world’s latest response and remediation technologies. The Corena Group is all about conducting safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly operations, building on its Nordic traditions of green technology that have been developed over more than three decades to create Corena Group.
Corena Group enables companies operating across a range of industrial sectors to outsource their operations for emergency spill and other environmental response operations, as well as hazardous and non-hazardous waste management.
Corena Group’s clients include both private companies and the government. They have a comprehensive portfolio of environmental solutions, developed over several years through global experience and tailored to individual clients’ needs, enables clients to concentrate on their core business activities with full confidence that their environmental protection and waste treatment obligations will be met at the highest possible international standards.

February 1st 2019