Installation of traffic lights

This we consider a as a major achievement both for the country and for our company. We were fortunate to have been selected by the company from India to install approximately 85% of the traffic lights signals in Georgetown. In order to facilitate the laying of the cables underground we had to cut almost one mile of road around the city. This had its challenges since the materials that were used as the base course for the roads were not standard and in some cases we found large gabions that were used in the earlier days to create sub base for our roads.

This project like many other projects had its challenges which caused some undue delay during the project period. To make matters worst we were working under a very tight schedule to finalize a few lights for World Cup Cricket in 2007. But due to the inclement weather conditions coupled with some other administrative delay we were unable to meet that deadline for April 2007. However after starting the project in January 2007 we were able to have it completed in June 2007.